What is the WILD symbol in the game?

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Can’t deny that online slots games are online casino games that are very popular nowadays. There are many PG games to choose from to try out . a variety of styles cause fun without boredom In addition to having fun and enjoying can also earn extra income as well

In playing online slots games Understanding Symbols and Payout Rates This is extremely important. We believe that every player has seen the Wild symbol and wonder what the Wild symbol is and what it is used for. And what role does it play Today. The UFABET website has those answers for you.

As for the Wild symbol, it is a symbol that is present in every online slot game that has it all. It is a symbol that increases the chances of winning in online slots games more. Can be use in place of all symbols in the game. It’s like being free. However, it cannot substitute for the Scatter symbol, which is a special symbol that grants bonus money. Most of them appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. It is impossible to predict when the Wild symbol will occur. Therefore, players should study the information of the game played well before.

If you look at the payout table of the Wild symbol in each game. There will be different prize money. This depends on the function of the Wild symbol itself. 

1. Regular Wilds are Wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to increase winning lines. And it’s the highest paying symbol on the payout table.

2. Multiplying Wilds are Wild symbols that are multipliers awarded by 2x, 3x, 5x or other multiplier. that each game is defined This gives players the opportunity to receive double the winnings.

3. Sticky Wilds are Wild symbols that increase your chances of winning in the next round. 

4. Expanding Wilds are Wild symbols that expand the area horizontally to cover the entire row instead of the reel. This gives a greater chance of winning and more chances of finding this feature during the bonus period than in the main game.

5. Colossal or Giant Wilds are Wild symbols that appear on the reels in more than one position. causing more winning patterns and have a chance to win more prizes as well

6. Stacked Wilds : All of the most valuable Wilds are stacked. This increases the chances of winning on the reels. 

7. Walking or Moving Wilds are Wild symbols that are part of the bonus game. that will appear on the reels during repeated spins which can be left to right or top to bottom