PSG urges Mendes to push “Icardi” to Wolves

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It is reported that Paris Saint-Germain Requesting super agent Jorge Mendes to push Mauro Icardi to move to Wolverhampton Wanderers

, PSG are thought to be looking to sell Icardi out of the team to lead. The striker’s wages go to new signing Kylian Mbappe,

although Icardi was only used as a substitute last season. But this shooting star will be a quality boost for the team that has been acquired. The Argentine is expected to move to the Champions League,

however , according to UFABET , Wolves have become involved in Icardi, whether they are willing or not.

A post-injury Raul Jimenez does not appear to be the same irrepressible force of old. While Fabio Silva, Wolves’ £35 million teenager, fail to find the net in 22 Premier League appearances. It goes without saying. Then, that one of the finest finishers in world football would go a long way to solving Lage’s goalscoring issues. 

The report states that PSG have asked Mendes to push for Icardi to move to Molineux next season, either on loan or on loan.

Icardi’s release is believed to be a necessity for PSG if they want to close a deal for Gianluca Skamacca from Sassuolo, but Wolves seem to want a more youthful striker. Including also wanting to form from Fabio Silva, who was drawn to join the army for a fee of 35 million pounds.