Can’t make up, what should I do? Techniques to overcome dry face

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Can’t make up, what should I do? Techniques to overcome dry face problems effectively.

Dry face, no make-up , a problem that many girls have to face. The cause of dry face problems Not being able to make up there are many factors such as dry weather. Using the wrong skin care products severe face washing Insufficient water intake, smoking, these factors all contribute to dry and dehydrated skin. Resulting in makeup not sticking flaky face and doesn’t look pretty bright

The solution to the problem of makeup not sticking is as follows.

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying makeup. by using facial cleansers and toners that are suitable for your skin type
  • Use a primer before makeup. It will help smooth the skin and help the adhesion of cosmetics.
  • Choose makeup products that are suitable for your skin type. For people with dry skin Should choose a makeup product that contains a mixture of Moyse riser. For those with oily skin Should choose makeup products that are matte.
  • apply some foundation and use a brush or sponge to spread smoothly
  • Set the foundation with loose powder. It will help absorb oil and make makeup last longer.
  • Avoid using makeup products that contain oil. Oil will make it easier to remove makeup.
  • Add makeup during the day as needed. using loose powder or makeup mist
  • Avoid staying in hot and humid places for long periods of time.

Follow the above non-stick makeup solution. It will help you make your makeup last longer and look beautiful all day long. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet