3 things you shouldn’t do when perfume for long time.

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3 things you shouldn’t do when you want to keep your perfume for a long time.

Perfume is a fragile product. due essential oils And the alcohol in perfumes can break down easily. causing the smell to change or disappear And when we buy famous brand perfumes that are expensive We always want it to last a long time. And here are 3 things we don’t recommend doing when storing perfume at ทางเข้า ufabet

3 things we don’t recommend doing when storing

1. Do not expose the perfume bottle to heat.

Heat, like light, will cause the fragrance to decay. Direct heat is not only bad for the fragrance. But it can also cause plastic bottles to warp or melt. And even long-term low heat can cause the perfume to deteriorate. It is important to keep away from any type of cooling vents or radiators.

2. Don’t turn on and off the perfume too often.

This is because air, humidity, and temperature changes can affect. Therefore, perfume should be stored in the original bottle. and close the lid as tightly as possible. Some brands even use a bottle design that cannot be opened and can only be sprayed. This is the safest way to preserve the fragrance.

3. Do not shake the bottle.

It is a misconception that must shaken before use. In fact, perfumes are blended so that they mix evenly. If stored correctly Shaking the bottle will not only introduce air into which will speed up its dissolution. But it can also break fragile glass bottles.