When traveling by plane Why is makeup not recommended?

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When you travel, you must take photos that are worth it! I believe that most people must have started taking selfies before boarding the plane at the airport. Therefore, how can you go on a trip without having a fresh face? You must put on full makeup, but first, put down your foundation and read this article to the end. Because you might change your mind.

Changes in air pressure and air conditioning Affects the signal receptors within our sebaceous glands. This controls the amount of oil the skin produces, which means we lose moisture from the skin. This results in the dry skin symptoms that we often feel on airplanes.

When the skin is dry, we apply cream to add natural moisture. But applying cream combined with cosmetics that contain a lot of talcum powder May clog the sebaceous glands. Makes pores clogged and acne more easily caused. Therefore UFABET think, while we try to add water to the skin Wearing makeup can trigger acne breakouts.

Moreover, Eating salty foods and alcoholic beverages causes the skin to lose water. And if you still sleep without washing off your makeup These are all recipes that lead to clogged pores. Wrinkles become clearer and increased risk of skin irritation

Air conditions are often drier than normal on airplanes. Makes it necessary to have details in choosing cosmetics. and even more nourishing cream Because the products you normally use may not be suitable for boarding an airplane.

Products not recommended for use on airplanes include: Products with thick texture The intensity of the color is high (a lot of pigment) and is quite thick, such as long-lasting foundation, concealer, dark lipstick, etc. because it will cause the skin to suffocate. Clogs pores more easily than usual. It is a place to store dirt. and easily causes acne.

In addition to thick products You still have to be careful with the type of powder. Because powder cosmetics make skin that is already dry from air pressure. Even more dry And it is dry skin that causes wrinkles. Therefore, I would like to recommend that the product that should be use while on the plane should be a nourishing cream that is especially moisturizing. Or if you really want to put on makeup It is recommend to use nourishing products that contain color such as BB Cream, CC Cream, colored lip balm, and tint in order to avoid using powder cosmetics. It should be use as a cream blush instead.

Also, don’t forget products with SPF to protect against UV and infrared rays. Because when on an airplane, these lights are often easily encountere. which we can usually avoid But when on the plane Especially when taking off or landing. Moving seats can be a bit difficult. So it’s better to protect it. The last type of product that is not recommend is mascara because it makes the eyes and the skin in that area dry. and can be irritating

If we have to put on makeup on the plane You should wash your face as soon as you get on the plane. And apply products containing hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) which can add moisture as well as mineral water spray. and anti-pollution cream To maintain skin moisture during travel