Otitis externa Popular diseases that cause ear pain

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Pain in one ear Or some people may have pain on both sides at the same time. It is a symptom in which the sufferer will feel pain or tightness inside the ear. In most cases This symptom is most often found in children. But some adults may experience it as well. In addition to ear pain, People with this condition may also experience other symptoms, depending on the underlying disease or condition.

Pain in one ear is a symptom that can have many causes. Sometimes it can be cause by a large accumulation of earwax. Having a foreign object enter the ear Or in some cases it may be cause by infection. or illness with certain diseases as well

Symptoms that indicate an outer ear infection include itching, irritation, ear pain, ringing in the ears, or fluid draining from the ear. What is notice is that the skin of the outer ear is swell and red only. It may be seen as an abscess or all swelling. Foul-smelling pus was found inside the ear. When moving, the ear will be very painful. Lymph nodes may be found in front or behind the ears. In severe cases, the ears may protrude forward, the ear bones become swelling, red, and tender, or there may be paralysis of some cranial nerves.

Likes to pick and spin the ears, risking inflammation of the outer ear!

The best way to prevent outer ear infections is to refrain from picking your ears, spinning your ears, or using any objects to clean your ear canal. Or what I’ve heard patients tell about is having an ear spa. which causes severe infection and inflammation of the outer ear canal You should not bring alcohol or buy ear drops to use yourself unnecessarily. If you want to clean your ears after showering, you can use a cotton ball or clean cloth to gently dab the outer ear canal. Or use earplugs while showering to prevent water from entering your ears.

Importantly, patients often worry that earwax is dirt that needs to be clean every day. But actually, earwax is produce to moisturize the ear. Protect against foreign objects Has the effect of killing bacteria. Normally, earwax can fall off naturally like scurf. Therefore ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app, picking or blending to remove earwax is not necessary to do regularly because it may result in an outer ear infection. Or in some cases, it may cause a perforation of the eardrum.

How to treat

  • Clean your ears properly. The hospital will use a tool to suck out the pus or fluid from the ear.
  • Ear drops for topical disinfection The doctor will prescribe medication as appropriate because the infection may be bacterial or fungal. By instilling 3-4 times a day as recommended by the doctor. If the ear canal is very swell A small piece of gauze soak in a combination of antibiotics and steroids may also be insert to reduce swelling.
  • If the outer ear is swell and inflam or has an abscess. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.
  • May take painkillers according to symptoms such as NSAID, Paracetamol.
  • In the case of taking medicine or dropping antibiotics but it doesn’t get better. Very severe pain, fever, large abscess. The doctor may give treatment by giving antibiotics intravenously and staying in the hospital to monitor the symptoms.