Ice rubbing on the face” to help the skin bounce like a baby’s bottom.

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Applying ice to the skin has been a popular beauty secret for a long time. It is not a new technique at all. Summer can have a negative effect on your skin. Because the weather is very hot and you sweat a lot. Ice is good for your skin in many ways. Whether you want to reduce the heat on your skin, Or want your makeup to last all day long, ice is the best answer! It is consider a more effective method than using expensive products. Help you be beautiful Shine through this terrible summer. keeps your skin strong and healthy.

Rubbing ice on your face after a busy day Helps relieve stress immediately. Stimulate blood circulation on the face Makes the face look radiant Applying cold compresses to the body for health is call cold therapy or cryotherapy. Circular massage with ice can be done on several areas of the face such as the jaw, chin, lips, nose, cheeks, neck and forehead. This can be done several times a day.

Did you know that this is ice? Can help tighten pores to make them smaller. Helps make the skin smooth. And it can help reduce wrinkles too. ยูฟ่าเบท recommend, Just take some thick tissue paper and wrap the ice cubes. Then rub it all over your face before going to bed. Or use ice to massage all over your face for 2-3 minutes. Your skin will be much better. It also helps you feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

When do you have red, inflamed acne? Pressed and the pain trembled all over the face. Let me tell you, try grabbing some ice and putting it on it. The inflammation and irritation of acne will subside.

If you want your face to be beautiful, radiant, and more firm. Try soaking ice in water. Then dip your face in it every morning and you’re guarantee to improve your blood circulation. As a result, oxygen and various nutrients are sent to nourish our face and body skin well. And also stimulates the creation of collagen Delays aging. And make the skin healthy More beautiful glow The important thing is that when you wake up in the morning you will be refresh and not drowsy at all. In addition, using ice to wash your face helps tighten pores. Ready to retain moisture Makes the skin bouncy and juicy Including using ice to rub on dry mouth areas will help make your lips softer, smoother and more kissable.

If you wake up with swollen eyes from sleeping a lot Or cry a lot before going to bed. Try gently rubbing an ice cube over your eye area for about 10 minutes, then pat it dry with a towel. Just like this, the puffy eyes will disappear.